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We are closing the business and selling off everything



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ALL MK and Wilson Blades Closeout Priced
We have decided to stop selling skate blades. We will be concentrating on our apparel and 
novelty business.

We have the following blades available at closeout prices:

Ultima UB105 Elite - 249.00   Add to Cart
Ultima UB50 Legacy 10" - 149.00   Add to Cart  
Ultima UB55 Finesse 9 3/4" - 149.00  Add to Cart
Matrix MX7150 Supreme Silver 10" - 399.00   Add to Cart

If you are looking for MK or Wilson blades, there are several websites located in the UK have have far lower
prices than you can get in the US, even with paying the additional shipping. Here is why. In the United States, HD Sports, the blade manufacturer, enforces a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy. No dealer is allowed to advertise below a set price or they will have their dealership revoked. That is why you see the same price on every US website. ex. Gold Seal Blades are $ 540.00, etc. In the UK and Europe, Minimum Advertised Price agreements are illegal, so each dealer is allowed to advertise and sell for whatever price they choose. The exact same Gold Seal blade is currently advertised for anywhere from $385 to $487.00 in the UK. (these prices do vary with the exchange rate between USD and GBP).
So, do yourself a favor, save some money and help spread the word that we in the U.S. should not have to put up with these policies that restrict competition and keep us paying artificially high prices.

Check these websites:  the lowest prices we have found

and just for fun, the US wholesale prices and dealer restrictions are available here:

You will find that you can buy blades from the UK at about the same prices as the wholesale dealer price
in the USA. (Scroll to the end of the document for a list of US wholesale prices for MK and Wilson Blades.