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Rhinestone Iron On Transfers and Logos


We stock a wide variety of figure skating theme rhinestone Iron-on transfers, rhinestone zippers, and loose hot-fix rhinestones. Create your own custom figure skating theme goods with these items. 

Iron on skate transfers- Large Skate Logo 2 color. Blue/silver crystals or  Red/silver crystals.
approx 7 1/2" wide x 6" tall                   $ 12.00 each    add to cart

Iron on figure skater theme transfers- Mix n Match cursive skater words. sold individually to create your own logo. Each word available in clear or A/B crystals  $ 5.00/ $8.00 each  add to cart

Iron on figure skater theme transfers- 
gold and silver nailhead "SKATE"- (5" wide x 4.25" tall) $ 6.00  add to cart
Clear crystal jumping skater- (6.25" tall x 3" wide) $ 6.00   add to cart

Iron on crystal figure skater transfers- Cursive "SKATER" available in clear or blue crystals
(6.25" wide x 2.75" tall) $ 6.00   add to cart

Iron on Nailhead figure skater transfers- gold and silver metal nailheads.
skating boot- (4" tall x 3" wide)   - no longer available
standing skater- ( 5.5" tall x 2.5" wide)  $ 5.00   add to cart

Iron on Crystal figure skater transfers- clear crystals- 
skating boot- (4" tall x 3" wide)   - no longer available
standing skater- ( 5.5" tall x 2.5" wide)  $ 5.00   add to cart

Iron on crystal figure skater transfers- Words "figure" and skater" available in blue, clear or red.
(1.25" tall x 6" wide) each word   $ 5.00   add to cart

Professional Touch Rhinestone Applicator
Apply hot-fix crystals, pearls, nailheads and rhinestuds with this ergonomically approved tool. Integrated ON-OFF Switch. Includes 8 tips, 6ss,10ss,16ss,20ss,30ss,34ss, 4mm flat plate, 9mm flat plate.
Packaged with approx 400- 16ss crystal a/b HOT-FIX rhinestones to get you started.
21698                                                       $24.99   add to cart

Rhinestone Zippers- Full separating for jackets. Available in 14", 16" 20" and 22" long
These are the same zipper we use in our fleece jackets, now available separate.
In stock in Black and White    $ 10.00 ea any size  add to cart
Our figure skater theme transfers are sold without warranty as to the fitness of use on any garment. Buyer accepts all responsibility for damages from the application of any of our rhinestone transfers. If you are unsure how to apply, there are many websites dedicated to this craft and you can find more detailed information that we can supply.
Transfers are mfg. for 300 degree press or iron. Warm or cool peel.
These are the same transfers we use in house on our garments.