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 MK Professional Revolution Skate Blades
The MK Professional Revolution skate blade is the new ultra-lightweight version of the legendary Professional blade famed for its balance, performance and style. The Professional Revolution combines the  parallel profiled blade with a new ultra-lightweight carbon fiber chassis to create the New world-wide choice of coaches and experienced freestyle skaters. 
Available in Parallel or Parabolic edge technology.
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Brand new, Full Mfg. warranty     

You will not find a better skate blade for figure skating than the MK Professional revolution. MK Professional revolution figure skate blades are available at MDS skate sales at the best prices anywhere. Our MK Professional revolution figure skate blades are always in stock and ready to ship. No one can beat our prices or delivery on MK Professional revolution Figure skating blades.
MK Professional revolution skate blades are made with a 7' rocker, and are available in 1/4" increments from 7" thru 11" to be mounted on 7" thru 11" long boot soles. 
When ordering MK Professional revolution blades, measure both of the boot soles and order the Mk Professional revolution blades 1/4" shorter than the shortest sole measurement. For example, if the soles measure 9 3/4", you would order a 9 1/2" MK Professional revolution blade to fit properly. The industry standard recommendation is to mount the MK Professional revolution skate blades 1/4" shorter than the length of the boot, but anywhere from 1/4" short to mounting end to end is acceptable. Under no circumstances, should you mount your MK Professional revolution blades to hang over the end of the boot.

Blade Maintenance

The care of your MK Professional revolution blades is no less important than that of boots, since the condition of edges is a key factor in skate performance. Blade guards should be worn as soon as skaters leave the ice. This avoids scraping and chipping blade chrome, which leaves the steel underneath vulnerable to corrosion-causing moisture.

After every skating session skaters should remove blade guards, wipe the MK Professional revolution blades dry and then use blade blankets. This protects skates during storage and absorbs any condensation that occurs as the blades return to room temperature. 

Finally, to experience the blade's best performance, have your MK Professional revolution blades sharpened regularly by a trained technician.